Support our journey to becoming a charity...

For some time now, the Choir Support Team have been looking at how best to support our action plan, considering the challenges that face us as a community group, the challenges that face the Arts and what we need in terms of capability and capacity to continue our success.

We decided the best way forward for us is to become a charity.

The Trustees for St. Edmund’s Choir will be key to ensuring the continued growth of the group and having the right people to support us on this journey is pivotal. With this in view we are recruiting new Trustees to join our Board.

St. Edmund’s Choir is committed to building on our existing excellent work, be more ambitious and continue to push the boundaries and developing the needs and expectations of our members, audience and community.

Trustees will support us in delivering a business model that enables us to thrive and makes best use of our members, musicians, Choir Support Team and assets to develop and deliver exciting opportunities that engage a growing and more diverse group of people. We need to connect and work with our stakeholders, develop further relationships with businesses and grow our reputation locally and regionally.

We are looking for Trustees who will make us think about what we do in a fresh and different light and who will support and work alongside our brilliant Choir Support Team. This is a hugely exciting time for our Choir, a time when Arts funding is low and we continue to strive as a growing community group.

We are looking for individuals who share our ambition and have the skill set and experience to deliver. Whoever we appoint can expect the fullest support from a group of highly talented people, who are all committed to our ambition for St. Edmund’s Choir over the coming years.

Find out more about how to become a Trustee here.